Gymnastics Class

Lazy Saturday morning!  Don’t the like comfortable??       It was just M and me at gymnastics class this morning!  Ryan came to watch to give Dad extra time to sleep in!!                   Afternoon treat to the movie theater!!  M was pretty good and Ryan loved it!!   
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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We spent the day at Uncle Bob and Aunt Jen house!!  They made a delicious meal!  I got in a great run over the Hudson Walkway with Aunt Jen followed by some yoga before the kids and Grammie and Grandpa came over!  Ryan took pictures of all of us!!                   
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Mommy and Me Gymnastics Class

M went to her first gymnastics class last Sat with Grammie and Grandpa D because I was out of town!  This morning I took her and we had so much fun!  She did ALL of the activities and she loves the balance beam!  Yay, that was my favorite event!                       
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Busy Semester

Wow, this semester has probably been one of the busiest times in my life!  Juggling work with being a mother and wife has been difficult!  My children have been great throughout it.  Ryan is such an incredibly caring young man.  He helps me every morning with Madison.  He is doing so well in school with
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New Rooms

I haven’t had a chance to post pictures of the kids rooms yet because I have been unbelievably busy!!  We love M’s room!  It is now painted light gray with a chevron/elephant theme!!              Don’t even ask about the carpet :(.  At least it is removed from the stairs!! Ryan has a dinosaur
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M is Growing Up

M has achieved some major milestones over the past month!!  She is officially sleeping in her toddler bed.  We have a camera in her room and have seen her get out of bed once to grab some stuffed animals but she stays in her bed EVERY morning until I come in to get her.  She
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!       Our minions had a great time trick or treating with the Reed’s.  M held her own with the older boys and at one point, Ryan had an entire bucket full of JUST peanut butter cups!  Love him!!  I made him pick something different so he went with Starburst.             
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